Production - Clothing and fabrics

We constantly strive in doing the best we possibly can in seeking the best organic, cruelty-free, fairtrade, eco - fabrics, dyes, and processes. Being kind to the earth, the animals, & the people is a big deal to us. 


The garments we have made in Lucknow, India are made by our beautiful and talented friends at a workshop in Lucknow, India. A workshop and initiative created by Penny and Harry Cantle of Newcastle, Australia. For more info check out Penny, Harry and the Team in India at  

A few years ago, CSP had been just a dream and a vision, until along came Penny, and it began to take root and grow. A divine connection. Working with Penny has been an absolute blessing. She has been an invaluable source of inspiration, wealth of knowledge, kindness and generosity throughout the birth and development of CSP. She has been an amazing friend and mentor, and has gone above and beyond in support of my dreams. 

With my key focus in business, and life in general, being to practice kindness and love.. a place like ZenanaWomen worked out to be a perfect fit. Our garments are made fairly using sustainable fabrics. The people making our things receive fair wages and a comfortable, safe work environment. Fabrics are sourced (again, with the help of the beautiful people from Team India) from as close as possible to the workshop in Lucknow. We choose sustainable fabrics, mostly organic cottons. Whilst some of our other materials such as buttons and elastic may not always achieve the high level of sustainability of which we desire, we are constantly working to make this better. The focus on ensuring ethical practices is paramount to the way in which our business venture works, with fair-trade, sustainability, and cruelty-free practices at the heart and centre of the CSP soul and vision.